LiteGear LiteMat

High Voltage is proud to introduce the new Hybrid LiteMats. In two sizes available – One (533mm x 292mm x 23mm) and Two L (long) (1016mm x 292mm x 23mm), fully equipped with Polyskirts, VHO PRO Hybrid Dimmers, Diffusers and Parahex Louvres. LiteMat gives out accordingly 2748 lumens at 3,8 amps and 5496 lumens at 7,7amps.

LiteMat is a unique and lightweight LED lighting fixture system designed for cinema, television, and HD video. Born out of the need for a color-correct light source that is both lightweight yet durable, high quality yet economical, and simple yet cleverly fashioned, the system takes an unusual approach to lighting. By providing evenly spaced, color-correct LEDs spread out over a large area, LiteMat creates soft light without requiring diffusion. This “soft-through-pixelization” method allows the unit to achieve surprisingly bright light levels while remaining under one inch thick in size and just one kilogram (2.2 lbs) in weight.

LiteMat is powered and controlled by the same gear used for VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon®. As an existing LiteRibbon user, you can use all of your LiteDimmerTM Single and Hybrid controls as well as power supplies and battery adapters. If you have not yet explored the world of LiteGear’s LED LiteRibbon, now is a great time. Investments in power and controls work with over 100 variations of LiteRibbon as well or your new LiteMat fixtures.

LiteMat One Daylite mounted to a vehicle window with adhesive Velcro. Powered by a battery placed in the door-panel.

LiteMat One in Daylite directed through a vehicle window.